Gallery of Hawaiiana

In 2000, a series of synchronistic events took place that led me to move from New York City, after 11 years, to the island of Maui, Hawaii. It was there, after the events of 9/11, that I began developing my signature style, during a time of healing. It was then that I picked up my camera again after several years of it being stored away, and decided it was time to create art with it again. And so it began. The beginning of 20+ years of developing my body of work. This is my Hawaiiana Collection, just a small portion of the work that I created when I was living in Hawaii on both Maui and O’ahu where I had my art galleries. 

Limited editions.
Custom printed on aluminum with archival pigment inks.
Hand-numbered and signed.
Choose from large, medium or small sizes.
Prices range from $95 – $3,000+ depending on the size and title.

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