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Jayna’s Inspiring Story and Letter to Carolyn

Aloha Carolyn,

My name is Jayna H. Guillermo and I reside on Maui. I saw your artwork and absolutely fell in love with it. Words alone cannot describe how beautiful your artwork is and the amazing gift of artistic talent that you are blessed with. My mom and I are about to encounter one of the biggest journeys in our life ever before. In January 2008 I am donating one of my kidneys to my mom in hopes that she will never have to go to dialysis again. She has been diagnosed with “end stage renal failure” and has been on dialysis for 2 yrs now. By the grace of God, I passed all the medical tests and have been found to be a match for her. My mom is my best friend and has always been there for me, and has never asked me for anything. It is my choice to be her donor because I’m not ready to let her go and I believe that she deserves to have a quality life. She has pulled through with battling cancer 3 times and I believe that she will pull through again with the kidney transplant. My mom is my hero, mentor and one of the strongest people I’ve ever known. When all is said and done, and we recover from the surgery, I would like to celebrate and preserve our gift of “new life” with artwork done by you. I would definitely like for you to do some type of a collage of me and my mom. I’m sure that you are a very busy artist and in high demand, but the media that you use captures my heart the most. I could probably go to a photo studio and just have a portrait done, but I don’t think that will do me any justice. Our surgery is scheduled for 01/22/08 at St. Francis on Oahu. My recovery time should take about a month and for my mom it may take a bit longer before she’ll be able to come back home to Maui. Mahalo for your time and assistance. Have a Happy Holiday Season!

With blessings, Jayna H. Guillermo

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