Gift Certificates

Know someone who loves Carolyn Quan artwork?

We have a wide range of gift certificates available for around $100 or less. Or if you’d like to purchase a gift certificate for a larger amount please email with the amount that you would like to gift.

Once you’ve purchased your certificate online at the bottom of this page, a digital version of it will be emailed to you. Or you can request a physical copy and have it mailed to you within 2 weeks.

Gift Certificates-25

Gift Certificates-50

Gift Certificates-75

Gift Certificates-100

Gift Certificates-minicanvas
 5″x7″ Mini-Canvases: $95 + $10 s/h

Gift Certificates-metalprint
 8″x10″ Aluminum Prints: $95 + $10 s/h

Gift Certificates-WallHanging

 60″x90″ Wall Hangings/Bed Covers: $99 + $10 s/h

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