Art Wine Bottles

Upcycled Mixed Media Art Wine Bottles by Carolyn Quan

Each unique art wine bottle is a one-of-a-kind, functional art piece created with original photography and wet mediums combined in as many as six layers by hand. The original wine bottle labels are integrated into the artwork and become part of the multi-layered design. The bottle becomes the canvas on which a stylish “upcycled” version of the bottle design is created using traditional mixed media techniques fused with modern-day technology.



Functional Art and Great as Gifts

Use these bottles as flower vases or candle holders or to beautify your home, your wine cellar, your bar or your winery!
hey can even become a unique centerpiece for your wedding banquet tables!
And they make perfect gifts for those wine-lovers on your list.


Candelabras can be purchased with the art wine bottles!
Please contact me to learn about the bottles that are available at this time.

Know any wine lovers?
Looking for a house-warming gift?
Anniversary? Birthday?

I can also create custom art wine bottles for you to give as unique gifts to your friends and colleagues.
You can even order the artwork to be created on the full bottle of yours or their favorite wine or champagne!


Getting married?
Beautify your wedding with creative centerpieces for your guest tables or take-home gifts at your wedding.

Please contact me to discuss the possibilities of custom bottles.


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