Articles and Press

Below is a list of other articles… – South Florida
Carolyn’s Man Pillows were featured in South Florida’s leading online LGBT publication.

press.examiner.logo – San Francisco, California
An article in this popular online news portal’s San Francisco edition.
Click here to view the article.

Lover Magazine – Toronto, Canada
Carolyn was featured in an article/interview in a Canadian online magazine focused on women’s sexuality.

OC16’s Tiny TV Show – Honolulu, Hawaii
Carolyn appeared, along with 3 other artists/guests on “Wellness and Women on Wednesdays”, a one-hour program co-hosted by Tiny and produced by Sonia Fabrigas, to talk about how art heals.

KHVH Radio’s “Green Living Hour with Evan Albright”- Honolulu, Hawaii
Carolyn was a featured guest along with other artists to discuss how artists (musicians and visual artists) are helping to bring awareness to the preservation of the earth and to the Green Movement.

Earth Harmony Home Podcast Interview
A Stimulating (and at times, entertaining) Conversation About My Art, Creativity and Spirituality
The 60-Minute podcast interview was conducted and produced by Debra Gehrke of “Earth Harmony Home”.

StudioGuyzMag: – Los Angeles, California
StudioGuyzMag features exclusive interviews with photographers and models, fashion reports, travel news, style, art and living well.

I met Carolyn Quan at the Annual West Hollywood Tom of Finland Erotic Art Fair. I was immediately taken by her presence for two reasons, the first, being a woman exhibiting at a traditionally male dominated event and the second for her exquisite work…